Call for Veterans and Active Duty service members

Memorial Ink is a new organization devoted to recording and telling the stories of current American service personnel and veterans who have tattoos in memory of comrades who have fallen while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are seeking individuals who are willing to be interviewed on video tape about their memorial tattoos. Video documentary interviews and photographs of the tattoos will be published on this website devoted to recording these living memorials for their historical significance. The interview is your chance to honor a fallen friend in your own voice.

We will be conducting the interviews at local tattoo shops around the Annapolis/Baltimore/DC area and then taking it on the road in the future. Please contact us via email at  to be considered as one of the first to tell your story. In your email, please give us a summary of your story. Photographs of your memorial tattoo are welcomed.

Even if you can’t commit to an interview, we would love for you to submit a photo(s) of your tattoo and write about your experience and reasons for getting the tattoo. All submissions can be sent to